• I'm like Trump, I enjoy fake news and deduce the opposite for the truth!
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      Just for fun?
  • The one thing you should keep in mind forver and always is that just because it's on the web doesnt mean irs true. I check everything. gets used a lot.
  • i dont share stuff like that on social media
  • I never share anything I don't verify. Gosh I wish everyone would do that. Purely fabricated news stories get on Facebook and never stop circulating. Sometimes they come across my feed when they are three or four years old. Ridiculous that people just post how horrible or wonderful the news is and share it. I hardly ever go there these days. 3-24-18
  • I have never, nor would I ever have anything to do with Facebook. Too many times I have seen the results of people foolishly trusting FB to keep their information private, as 50 million people have just learned. I wasn't terribly surprised to see the headline ... "50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach". The big question here should be ... How much money has Mark Zuckerberg made from selling off information ? As for your second Q, - Yes, I do my homework and look at several sources before passing along a news story. The media groups tend to report news from their own point of view and political following.

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