• Absolutely not! Freedom is extremely important to me! I basically signed a blank check to the US government up to and including my life for the defense of my freedom! And not just for me but for my child my grandchild and everybody else in this country!
  • Eternal vigilance is the price we pay for liberty. - Thomas Jefferson **** The price of freedom may be high, but never so costly as the loss of freedom. - Ronald Reagan **** Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. - Thomas Paine
  • 8-24-2017 I do not appreciate some overpaid jackass or elephantass telling me that I have to pay for freedom and he is the one stealing my freedom. I do not appreciate sourpusses telling me cliches about freedom when we live in one of the least free countries in the world. I do not appreciate ... Well, you get the point. The USA has been showing symptoms of impending collapse since WW2. No nation has ever avoided collapse after the symptoms began to show. So don't talk to me about freedom, talk about how you might rebuild after a collapse, without making the same stupid mistakes that led to the collapse. (Everybody I have talked to so far thought that meant a cleverer constitution.)
  • Not at all. Freedom is all about having the right to be different. Living in the shadow of someone‚Äôs hate will make you think if you have freedom. That's why I don't let any negativity get to me.

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