• i might but noone ever calls me then
    • beaker95
      Give me your number and I will call you. P.S. I am not a cereal killer.
    • pearllederman
      sorry but i need my sleep
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one
    • Moving Violation
      I would like to have your number I would like to give you some private advice about getting a job and getting out of the house and meeting people that are in the same situation as you! April 27 2022
  • absolutely
  • Yes. That is: I assume it's someone wanting money. (I'm almost always right.)
  • It depends on who it is. I know some people who are inconsiderate - one or two in my family are that way. Otherwise, I assume it to be a telemarketer who I just hang up on.
    • Linda Joy
      Telemarketers call you after midnight?
  • yes since no one calls after 10pm
  • Only if it's a brother or my sister-in-law. They know better than to call that late unless it's an emergency. I just hang up on anyone else and block their number.

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