• no, ive never had that happen and i hope i never do
  • Yes, my uncle in front of me plus I witnessed 2 violent deaths that i can remember.Life isn't all peaches and cream.
    • Linda Joy
      Bless your heart! At least I didn't have to witness the violent deaths of my friends and family! But I've seen brains on the floor twice more than I ever wanted to!
  • My mother died in my arms of natural causes in 2014.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry for your loss.
  • Yes. Well it was probably from emphysema I'm not sure if that's considered natural causes but he was 94 years old and he was a patient of mine at the nursing home and he wanted to go home. It was peaceful but that was before I joined The Church and death was disturbing to me back then. anyway how are you doing? Are you ok?

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