• Well it's morning, so and I'll start off with a mission to do good today 😀
    • Linda Joy
      Awesome! I've prayed you will succeed!
  • I can personally attest to the fact that yes you HAVE done good today.
    • Linda Joy
      Aww,thanks! That's sweet!
  • Only God knows
  • I do good every day by clicking free charity sites. Today I clicked on an animal shelter. This made me feel good.
    • Linda Joy
      Thanks for reminding me. I used to do the rice thing by answering definitions or something like that.
    • mugwort
      My pleasure reminding you to do nice things. Glad I made your day.
  • Ahh, you do good every day by wiping your tuckas clean every morning. Otherwise you would stink every one out.
    • Linda Joy
      How do you know I haven't already? lol
    • wiseacre
      If that's true, then you HAVE to go orgasm for your SO. wink wink, nudge nudge.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm too old for that! The s.o., not the orgasm!
  • Let's do some good together and go and ticklefight that mean looking person over there.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm too old and tired for that! I'm not fun anymore. I spent all the energy I had protecting my plants (the few that are still alive) from Ida and sweeping up the dirt on my patio from the last winds. Thinking about those in LA. My mom used to live there. Cleaned in the kit and packed a few things. I'm exhausted and its barely past noon! I didn't know getting old was gonna hurt so much!
  • I woke up half an hour ago. Give me a chance. lol
  • Nice poem, but if you’re truly asking, questioning ourselves first is always the best place to start. Doing it the other way around, only lays blame and it’s always counter productive.
    • Linda Joy
      Only if you take it that way. Its not like I told someone they were responsible for the deaths of millions just because one person (not even me!) didn't get vaccinated. That, dear vampire is laying blame, inappropriately, I might add. YOUR guilt over what YOU'VE done or not done is ALL ON YOU!! And I was asking myself along with you and everyone else to try and encourage kindness. I didn't deserve this verbal scolding for such an innocuous question. Linda Joy don't play the deflection game.
  • I can't speak for you, but so far, I've stayed out of it - that should have made some people happy. But alas...all that is about to change. Look out, world - here I come. 😖

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