• Try a different browser. Does it only happen on yahoo?
  • Well first off I know that you've been using it because you were on the leaderboard over at Yahoo! So I'm going to guess that you have run into malware and since the Yahoo answers shut down that their cookies have changed so go ahead and delete all your old Yahoo bookmarks clear your browser out set your homepage to Google and then set your search engine to Google inside of Chrome. Go to where it says add-ons inside of Google Chrome and delete all of the add-ons because many of them try to direct you to search pages that are still running old HTML. After you've done that go ahead and run Malwarebytes and delete anything bad it finds and restart your computer Now go back to your Google Chrome and type Yahoo. That should direct you to their page without crashing. If it does then you can set a bookmark. If it doesn't then what you're going to have to do is do a reset this PC and save your files. The host file has not been updated yet by Microsoft to include the new page changes on Yahoo. And it keeps trying to redirect you to a page that no longer exists and it crashes I know because it's doing the same thing on mine. Good luck and welcome here.
  • No but have you heard that yahoo answers is starting up again with a green or orange screen?
    • Arimatthewdavies
      No I have it I thank you for alerting me to that
  • We'd not be able to mail each other or chat with anyone. It would be so difficult to spend a life without computers. We would not be aware of technology or what things are being discovered. We could get information by newspaper, television, radio or some other medium but on computers we can get it in detail.

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