• Fireworks don't bother him. he has been dead and buried for about 5 years.
    • Linda Joy
      My last pet was a while back, too.
  • Very poorly. They're huddled in my bedroom.
    • Linda Joy
      poor babies! Too bad they don't have ear plugs for them. And they're not likely to keep headphones on.
    • Kevin1960
      If they made such things, I'd buy them.
  • We had a thunder storm with lots of lightning and thunder a bit before sundown. After that, the fireworks were breeze for him.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess that's one way to condition them, but that's traumatic as well.
  • They were jumpy pre holiday and during. but people were still firing firecrackers on Monday and my cats were totally indifferent to the bangs.
  • I live in an urban condo building, and the cats and dogs in this building are used to all kinds of noise. We had several days of people setting off fireworks in local neighborhoods, and then the city staged a major display over Lake Michigan on Saturday night. As usual, the fauna were pretty sanguine about it all -- no wild barking or whining from the cats and dogs (or children) on my hallway, at least. I did hear the parrot across the hall squawking rather indignantly for a bit, but I'm not sure what that was about. Its owners are brand new to the building, and I'm not sure how much noise the parrot habitually makes.
  • Fairly well for not having opposable thumbs. I don't give them matches, so they light them with their cigarettes.

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