• men enjoy seeking it out but women enjoy it more. Saw a study were men were much more happier however if you add in oral to mix women jump up in front.
    • Linda Joy
      A study saying men were happier in general than women or that they're happier sexually than women? Women are happier receiving or giving oral?
    • ARTICFOX700
      Women are happier both ends when oral is involved. Study said men were happier in general.
    • Linda Joy
      Mmmm k.! Thank you!
  • I suspect women. They have deeper fantasies
  • A man's "pleasure" is more obviously detected, indeed the existance of a woman's "pleasure" was disputed (mainly by men...) for many years. Western society has historically disapproved of women admitting to enjoying sex (nice girls don't etc.) so I think men are more likely to admit (or exaggerate) the level of pleasure and maybe some women downplay it? Ideally sex should be equally pleasurable for all participants, I know I enjoy it more if I know my partner has achieved "pleasure."

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