• Whether you trust Facebook or not, you cannot change how Facebook uses your data by posting a message to your page. That’s because the way a social media network uses your data is determined by the terms of service you agree to when you use or create an account.
  • I do not.
  • I don't trust anything on the internet with my information.
  • The government already has all my information. They've seen parts of me I CAN'T EVEN SEE! They've been up my ass, in my vagina, in my right breast, down my throat, in my stomach and even in my arteries and heart! What can FB tell them they don't already know? I've been a government experiment since I enlisted at 23. So no, I'm not a scardy cat of FB. Oh I also have no money and it all comes from my tiny SSDI allotment so even if FB decided to sell new bodies they already know I can't afford it!! lol

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