• We the people, in order to form a more perfect union...
    • Anoname
      Sounds good. Did you make that up all by yourself?
    • mushroom
      No, I memorized it 40 years ago from watching Schoolhouse Rock.
    • Linda Joy
      I subbed music one day and had to play it for every class! Lol! My favorite part: "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity"!
  • 6-20-2017
  • I'm just a Bill - yea, I'm just a Bill, and I'm sitting here on Capital Hill........Conjunction junction - what's your function.......I LEARNED THE SONGS AND LITTLE ELSE.
    • mushroom
      I learned that I have a 21st Amendment right to take a Fifth. But just when I got those rights, they started to take them away. Oh, wait, that was "Cheers" not SHR.
    • Jewels Vern
      The only way I ever heard of "Conjunction Junction" is I took a class in bible research and the teacher often quoted such things. I learned more English in that class than anyplace else.
    • Linda Joy
      The scales fell from my eyes the day I learned about adverbs!
    • Linda Joy
      I love Bill on Capital Hill! And Conjunction Junction was a good song! What's your function? I can't believe I'm actually dancing to these songs!
  • Are you serious, you know that song? Wow, I am impressed.
    • Linda Joy
      I know it, but like some songs I forget phrases if I haven't reviewed it recently. I can also say the alphabet backwards.
  • That the Professor rocked.
    • Linda Joy
      What about Bill Nye the Science Guy?
    • mushroom
      While Nye was entertaining (not so sure these days), the SHR episodes were complete lessons in a 3-minute commercial with catchy tunes, and some really good vocalists such as Essra Mohawk and Blossom Dearie.
    • Linda Joy
      You so get it mushroom!! It was a COMMERCIAL that taught us stuff worth learning!! I didn't watch Nye much, but I do remember two things from him. An explosion is when something gets very big very fast and soap is a surfacant that breaks the surface tension of water in effect making water wetter. When I heard about him wanting to tax cow farts I quit listening to him.
  • not sure what that is
  • It won't be long now for the 50th anniversary of SHR, originally billed as "Multiplication Rock."
    • Linda Joy
      Wow, time flies! I do remember seeing this at about the time I was learning my multiplications!
  • I learned all of my multiplication tables from that video tape, and now I can't multiply any numbers without songs running through my head!

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