• What's HAARP ?
    • Linda Joy
      High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). I'll be posting a few more questions today (well technically it maybe tomorrow when I post them depending on how long my notifications take to answer)
  • The opposite. HAARP is seen as the cause of a lot of erratic weather.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what I said. It's keeping them out of the gulf and pushing them up the Atlantic coast. I'm not convinced, just suspicious.
  • HAARP is used for so many things so it is hard to say but they have brought many storms into the Gulf of Mexico and have caused much destruction and death.
  • There are several radio transmitters like HAARP around the world. HAARP is located in Alaska. It's function is to ionize the ionosphere 40-100 miles up and induce reactions similar to auroras. Hurricanes develop off the coast of Western Africa and move west by the trade winds. As they approach North America, cyclical winds in the Atlantic either push the hurricanes north, or curve them south on their way to the Gulf. Think of it like a gate that swings around clockwise. The storm is diverted one way or the other depending on the current position of the gate. Now, what is the connection between hurricane paths in the Atlantic and a radio transmitter in Alaska pointed straight up?
  • You're confused. HAARP is nothing to do with weather control (outside the conspiracies around it). It's actually about spying on radio frequencies and controlling the "traffic" in the ionosphere among the many other things it researches. Weather is far too complex a thing to control.
  • "They" have been attempting to control the weather for many years early documents spoke of cloud-seeding and controlling hurricanes. ELF is radiation, and there has been admittance that HAARP can control the weather However, RF radiation was first mentioned in Navy documents as a form of weaponry. And one of the biggest and most expensive live studies supported by the FDA was carried out in 2018 for the affects of long term RF low-frequency non - ionizing radiation and the result of that was "clear evidence" that exposure to cell phone radiation caused a rare cancer in the hearts of male rats, and "there is equivocal evidence" in the hearts of female rats, and that current guidelines are inadequate. Yet, they then downplayed the study, cancer rates are not decreasing they are now a 1 in 2 chance of getting cancer in your lifetime and the amount of RF radiation in our environment remains unmonitored and unknown. All RF radiation is classified a 2B carcinogen which means possibly carcinogenic, the latest studies urged the IARC to upgrade the rating to 2A probably carcinogenic to humans.

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