• Nerd Alert!
    • Linda Joy
      Guilty :'( (slumps dejectedly)
    • Victorine
      No nerd. Linda doesn't possess the background or education.
  • The same way a mosquito being a tiny insect is big news and the worlds biggest killer.
  • ....And this changes my life how, exactly ??
    • Linda Joy
      Don't suppose it does Ice man. But this is something I've been fascinated with for years since the day I learned about it! How two Quantum particles can be so connected over such a great distance! Oh well, like I said I don't guess it does.
    • Ice man
      Thank you for the explanation. It's now clear as mud to me, but I'm glad that you've gained some joy out of this big news. : )
    • mushroom
      This is what Einstein called "spooky action at a distance" in 1930.
    • Ice man
      I would agree with him.
  • Not sure how old this question is, but it's an interesting one. Since the experiment in the article, scientists have been able to entangle the metabolism of some cyanobacteria in the lab: (here's the original paper:
    • Linda Joy
      I don't remember how long ago! Its an old one maybe a year or two ago? Its q_view/3503548. The one I asked today (8/13/19) is 3515364. So about 10,000 questions ago. Wow! But still the 'new AB' as in after it closed and reopened. Some of them are from before it closed. I wasn't here back then. I've only been here a few years. Anyway thanks for the links. I had not been looking in science news lately since no one here seemed to want to talk about it. I'm guessing these will probably be over my head, but I hope I remember to look at them later when my head is clearer. I'm in need of sleep ATM. But thank you for trying to feed my mind! Hopefully it will feast later. Even if I don't understand everything I'm sure I'll learn something! I'm no genius like my boys are, and don't have a lot of formal education, but I'm smarter than average so there is hope for me! But mostly I just barely grasp the concepts and stand in awe and amazement!
    • Linda Joy
      I liked this part - It might be, for example, that “natural selection has come up with ways for living systems to naturally exploit quantum phenomena,”
  • i dont know much about it
  • I think the particles are connected by the force of gravity and gravity ignores the existence of space, that could be why communication between particles is instantaneous.regardless of distance apart.
  • suggests the potential for near-instantaneous communication across ANY distance. IF - for example - someone on Mars and someone on Earth were to communicate through a (set of) entangled particles, that communication would be INSTANTANEOUS (as opposed to the current, which is between about 3 and 22 minutes depending on the position of Mars relative to the Earth). SO - for one obvious example - no more AI landings on Mars, we have remote-controlled real-time landings. Real time video from probes sent to - say - Neptune. Etc. Another advantage of such communication is that it would not require line of sight (as does laser / light / concentrated radio communications). So: instead of having to have your TV satellite visible in the sky in geosynchronous orbit...and an antenna dish pointed directly at have your transmitter in the deepest, darkest cave you can find in - say - the Andromeda galaxy...or more practically, Australia...and TVs on earth - without any antenna or dish - receive the signal instantaneously, without signal interference.
    • Linda Joy
      What about video? Could it be used for surveillance? Remote surgery? Robot armies?
      Well...yes, but - focusing on your proposed video (which I mentioned in my answer) - you'd have to have ***transmission*** equipment at the video-camera end. What if it takes an object the size of a truck - or a warehouse - to "transmit" a signal using entangled particles? You might need temperatures near absolute zero (in which to hold the particles still from outside interference). You might need a tunneling electron microscope to "excite" the entangled particles in a precise way (i.e. to transmit a precise message). Etc. In other words, you need a device to "convert" data from visible image to precisely-excited entangled particles, and that device is quite possible, subtle or simple or compact or cost-effective or what-have-you. But yes, once you have instantaneous communication the possibility exists to communicate any TYPE of data instantaneously between any two points as long as point A has a transmitter capable of transmitting (translating, in a sense, to entangled-particle-ease) said data type and point B has a receiver capable of receiving (untranslating) that same data.
    • mushroom
      What an entangled web we weave, when first we practice to receive. Or something like that.
  • this doesn't even INDIRECTLY affect me!
    • Linda Joy
      It could if it can be used for surveillance. Or remote surgery. You never know what the future holds in store.

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