• I used to change the oil in my cars and trucks but now it is easier to just take it in. don't have to hassle with what to do with the old oil and putting it up on ramps. My days as a mechanic are pretty well over.
  • No...A local "quick change" does oil change and lube for $29.95.
    • Linda Joy
      I have changed oil myself before. But back when I had a vehicle I'd take it to Walmart because I had to shop there anyway may as well get it done while I shop.
  • Sometimes, but not often enough.
    • Linda Joy
      So do you always do it yourself, you sometimes take it to get done?
    • Anoname
      Mostly have it done, but you have to watch mechanics around here or they'll sabotage your vehicle to make it come back for more costly repairs.
  • Yes.Thanks for the reminder. I'm due!
    • Linda Joy
      Yes you do it yourself? What do you do with the old oil?
  • OH HELL NO....i'm not in the least 'mechanical' & no matter how easy everyone says it is to do, my time's more valuable than to do that..that's what mechanics are for.......bless 'em!! ......I"ll gladly pay a fair price to have it done!!!!!!!!! and besides, where would I get a lift to the car up on? see, I do know at least that much about it!!!!!! LOL :-D
    • Linda Joy
      My son said his dad teaching him how to fix our plumbing is what made him want to earn enough so he could always pay someone else to do it!
  • Nope. I get my uncle to change the oil of my vehicle in his garage.
    • Linda Joy
      I used to take the vehicles to Walmart to get them serviced I was going to be shopping there anyway I may as well get it done while I shop
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      That's the diversity of Walmart.
  • I do. When I lived in the city, it was easier to take it in, though, honestly. But here in the middle of nowhere, with two very shady mechanics nearby and no quick change stations for hours, it's actually less hassle to do it myself.
    • Linda Joy
      I had a really good mechanic before I lost my home. He actually fixed my son's truck once and didn't charge him AT ALL! Granted it was just a bad connection on a theft deterrent device we didn't even know was there, but with a little cleaning and lube it was working fine. He could have charged whatever he wanted, really! You don't see that much these days.
  • Nope. I used to but my mechanic can do it for almost the same cost as my buying the oil. And now I don't have to crawl my old butt under the vehicle and, afterward, have deal with the used oil.
    • Linda Joy
      That's what I like about the oil and lube at Walmart. I don't have to buy and top off all the fluids and they do it while I shop.
  • i dont drive
  • I change all the oils around here. I am a former mechanic.
    • Linda Joy
      Good to know! I was trained in mechanics in the Navy a long time ago but discriminated against when it came to employment. And of course they didn't have all the emissions control devices or all the computers they have now. But I know the basics. I've seen the inside of a transmission and an engine, replaced diesel injectors and such. But I still don't change my own oil. I have, but don't. But that reminds me of a time I replaced an oil air filter on an aircraft tow tractor and no one told me it was spring loaded! The oil dumped all over my head and ran all down my coveralls! hahaha!
    • Dan Robert Davis
      I used to have a mechanic do it for me. But as soon as I figured out how to get spare parts for my car, including oil, I learned how to do it on my own. It's quite hard the first time but I got used to it.
  • Not anymore. Besides, it's only a little more money to have them do it for you.
  • I used to and would still like to, but it just isn't that easy a thing to set up for living in an apartment. Also, almost all oil change places will not put long age engine oil in cars; the companies made it policy to keep damaging old cars with the oil meant for new cars.
  • No. I'd like to but I'm scared to try. Seems like if you mess up something on your ride it takes mega money to get it fixed.
  • I used to change it myself in my younger days but now I am 76 I have it done as part of my yearly service MOT at my local Ford dealer in the UK.😐
  • I used to when I had older cars. I used to have an old diesel with 6000 mile oil changes & was doing about 1000 miles a week, so changed oil & filter every 6 weeks. My current car is still under warranty and needs the stamps in the service book so the dealer does it.
  • I get free oil changes at the dealership.
  • I used to a couple of years ago I decided it was a waste of money to do it myself and I make more money working so I found a local mechanic to do the services. Also every time I work on my toyota I crack it and throw something else in the bin then goto the toyota dealer and buy a new part the mechanic doesn't throw as many parts as me.
  • It's just as cheap to bring it to the shop when it is on sale for $19.99
  • On second thought, no, I've only changed oil in machines, not on people such as myself.
    • Linda Joy
      You never change the oil in your hair?
    • bostjan the adequate 🥉
      I suppose I do so passively.
  • No, I can't change my "own" oil. I changed the oil in my vehicles for most of my life. It is not convenient to do so now so I have it done. At nearly 85 it isn't as easy as it was when I was 70.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess changing the oil in your hair only counts if you have hair.

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