• he does answer, he just said no
  • God will not answer our prayers just because we assume a special posture while praying. The Scriptures do not require that we pray only in one particular bodily position. Jehovah takes no pleasure in the prayers of the wicked. Yes,
  • An answer can be days using this service. Travel distance sometimes slow.
  • If it doesn't need fixing as you mentioned, then why fix it? We are encouraged and commanded to be content with what we have.
  • Prayers are always answered but you may not like the answer.
  • Yet, Jesus Christ—also a man of prayer—revealed that not all prayers please God. Note what Jesus said about the then popular practice of repeating memorized prayers. According to the Catholic Jerusalem Bible, he stated: “In your prayers do not babble as the pagans do, for they think that by using many words they will make themselves heard.” (Matthew 6:7) We cannot expect Jehovah to listen to prayers that do not express our true feelings. Indicating why some prayers do not please God, a Bible proverb says: “He that is turning his ear away from hearing the law—even his prayer is something detestable.” (Proverbs 28:9) Another proverb says: “Jehovah is far away from the wicked ones, but the prayer of the righteous ones he hears.” (Proverbs 15:29) At a time when the leaders of ancient Judah bore heavy guilt, Jehovah declared: “When you spread out your palms, I hide my eyes from you. Even though you make many prayers, I am not listening; with bloodshed your very hands have become filled.”—Isaiah 1:1, 15. The apostle Peter mentioned something else that could make prayers unacceptable to God. Peter wrote: “You husbands, continue dwelling in like manner with [your wives] according to knowledge, assigning them honor as to a weaker vessel, the feminine one, since you are also heirs with them of the undeserved favor of life, in order for your prayers not to be hindered.” (1 Peter 3:7) The prayers of a man who ignored such counsel might get no farther than the ceiling! Clearly, certain requirements must be met if prayers are to be heard. However, many who pray show little concern about doing what God requires of us. That is why so much earnestness in prayer has not resulted in a better world.
  • Yes, your message of enlightenment is "forget about it".
  • Depends on the urgency!
  • I'm Catholic. And the way it works for us is: I prayed for a bicycle and I didn't get one. So I stole one and then asked for forgiveness.
    • we are dough 68
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      Gotta catch me, first. I'm fast now on my Huffy.

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