• All police - NO!, some police - yes.
  • Not just no but HELL NO !!!
    • Linda Joy
      Do I detect some doubt in that comment? Lol
  • I would like to think Police is trustable..
    • Jewels Vern
      More civilians are killed by cops than vice versa. It's hard to get reliable numbers because nobody keeps official records, but private records indicate that at least 14,000 Americans have been killed by cops in the last 17 years. You can google those figures same as I did.
    • Linda Joy
      Statistically you're more likely to be killed by your own family member. Google it.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And how many of those killings are justified?
  • 9-6-2017 You are required by law to cower in your vehicle while an armed soldier sneaks up behind you. He has a reputation for being easily scared, and courts will do anything to let him off if he shoots you in the back. Black skin means you are in deep doodoo. Remember, you are considered to be an enemy of the state, and the cop is a soldier sworn to enforce the will of the legislature, without regard to your safety.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      More dribble from the ignorant & uninformed.
    • Jewels Vern
      Do you have a thought to offer the group, or just want to swap insults?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I can do both. But, being that nothing you said above is accurate, the choice is yours.
  • Despite what the media would have you believe....Pay attention here, people....THE POLICE ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU. 99.9% of them are out there simply doing the job they're paid to do, just like everyone else. Most of them would be perfectly content not having any contact with the public on most days, allowing them to go home alive and unharmed. That's 20+ years of law enforcement experience talking.
    • Linda Joy
      thank you for your service both as a cop and a Marine. I salute you.
  • Sure, I'd never ask a minority for directions!
  • Only as much as I trust the rest of the population.
  • I trust the cops to lie, cheat and be "legal criminals". They're good at protecting each other at the cost of others. 10 "Good" cops will turn a blind eye to the actions of 1 criminal cop. And the said past is most of them will lie to help their fellow criminal brother in police uniform.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And that's what your years of law enforcement experience have taught you?
  • only if theyre good ones
  • Not when it comes to the administration giving consequence to bad ones. Then it puts all cops at greater risk. And some are good. Not the one that shot my friends mentally ill son that was already handcuffed by two other officers.
    • Ice man
      It makes one wonder why they can't screen out the ones who have that predisposition.
  • It depends. Where I live now, sure. It's a small town with wholesome people. Other places I've lived: Detroit, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; St. Petersburg, Russia - no. I realize that the number of bad cops in the USA is a tiny percentage, but even if one in twenty Detroit cops are crooked, your chance of having to interact with a crooked cop at some point increases to certainty if you live there long enough, and it can really ruin your life.

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