• In my opinion etiquette is manners. Like setting table and not bother others.
    • Je'sean
      But setting a table incorrectly is not impolite
  • How can it be impolite when someone sits incorrectly due to physical problems? I know some people with problems that way who will not go anywhere because of other people.
  • *** Cellular-Telephone Etiquette
  • I think it's how we respect each other and show respect for social interaction. That's why etiquette doesn't matter when you're by yourself.
  • 5-26-2017 People like to do business with people that people like to do business with. Example: Ralph Lauren mostly wears Polo jeans. Once he had an appointment with a financier who had a fondness for silk suits, so Ralph wore a suit to the meeting. The financier showed up wearing jeans. Correct behavior and concern for other people's preferences is very important. It shows people that you are in the habit of taking care of details. For instance there are people who will not do business with a man if the heels of his shoes are worn even a little bit. They figure he can't take care of details.
  • cause it makes people uncomfortable when people dont have manners

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