• That would be a fun way to travel while getting to know a place while meeting and staying with folks from those places
    • Linda Joy
      It would definitely be an adventure! I would be a little concerned with my safety I haven't looked into it that much though.
  • It'll never float.
    • Linda Joy
      It could with the installation of a couple pontoons don't you think?
    • Anoname
      Lego movie's double decker couch did float.
    • Linda Joy
      There you go!
  • It's basically homeless travelling. Where people take pity on you and throw you onto a couch, instead of chuck you a dollar on the street because you can't be arsed working.
    • Linda Joy
      Yes! Hospitality! Separation of the goats and the sheep! It would be as if I'd done it for MY SAVIOR HIMSELF! oh thank you so much for helping me see it this way! I'm in now!
  • its good if youre homeless and need a place to stay
    • Linda Joy
      It's not really for a long term stay, just like a visit.
  • My adult daughter has couch surfed in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and all over the US. She loves it and has made friends that have stayed in touch for many years.
    • Linda Joy
      That's awesome!
  • It stains the cushions and frays the fabric.
  • My TV remote batteries only last a certain amount of time. So when they start losing power the fun slows down.
  • it sounds like a pain but honneless people sonnetinnes do it
  • No idea what is it.Never heard of it.
  • Perhaps if I were younger, but not now. I prefer my own space and privacy.
  • My days of being a vagabond are over (pity - I liked it). The difference between what I did and Couchsurfing is that being a vagabond is a personal thing - you aren't obligated to interact with other people and expose your life's secrets unless you want to - under your terms. You call the shots.
  • I have a Gold Medal in Couch Luge. 😉

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