• I never have.
    • Azlotto
      Neither have I. Thanks.
  • Never. I don't have a hairy back, but I know a few people that do ... one so thick it looks like a carpet. Another is bald headed, but looks like he has a fur collar ... it sticks out the top of his shirts.
    • Linda Joy
      Weird how hair does that! It reminds me of a Gallagher skit. I'm curious if they're horn dogs? I've heard testosterone levels are linked to hair growth.
    • Ice man
      I don't know if that's true of all hairy types ... but one of the guys I mentioned is. The one that looks like he's wearing a shag carpet on his back ... would screw a snake in a pile of hot rocks (given the chance). He's short & skinny, dirty & rude, & homely as sin ... and thinks ALL women want him. Needless to say he gets thrown out of the bar quite often.
    • Azlotto
      "one so thick it looks like a carpet."...I know a dude that's that hairy. He even has hair on the top of his fingers.
    • Ice man
      It's funny that you mention hairy fingers. We spent the day going around to garage sales yesterday. One vendor was an older gent who makes the most beautiful handcrafted wood products. The first thing (after his craftsmanship) that caught my attention was that he had the hairiest fingers I'd ever seen. Then I looked up at him. He was wearing an old cap, so I'm not sure how much hair he had on top but I could see short white hair on the sides. The conversation stopper was that he had so much fuzzy hair growing out of his ears that it looked like he was wearing winter earmuffs.
  • Every few hours.
    • Ice man

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