• Not surprised at all. The "categories" are an area that is in desperate need of attention. It was thrown together to open the site but has yet to be addressed since. I'm sure it's on the "To-Do" list, but lord only knows when.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm beginning to think there's only one man working here and he's fighting spam attacks.
    • Ice man
      Right now I would say that Spam attacks are a top priority, and rightly so.
    • Anoname
      They're doing their best I suppose.
  • no, im not surprised, maybe they figured in an emergency you wouldnt have time to look it up
  • Not at all. We folks that prepare (used to be called survivalists, now called preppers) are viewed as right-wing, conspiracy-nut kooks "clinging to our bibles and guns."
    • Linda Joy
      Oh man it's so sad that there's so much truth to that!
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Which part? That we're viewed as kooks or we are kooks?
    • Linda Joy
      That those who prepare for emergencies or extreme survival are considered kooks.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Yep. But being prepared is always a good thing. Unless you're actually thinking the zombies are coming. Then, you're a kook. But if you look at the natural disasters that have hit us in recent years, why would you not have food and water saved up? 30 days worth of food and water at a minimum. And then if you can't defend you stash, you're only saving it for someone else to take.
  • No. As what are the chances someone is going to post in the "emergency" section in an emergency?
    • Linda Joy
      what's the whole point of preparedness. To be prepared for the emergency.
  • The Emergency Alert System was tested today and will be on cell phones in the future.
  • "Emergency" and "preparedness" are issues that would naturally be addressed in the Politics and Modern Events category. You don't see anything on the subject in that category probably because no one has asked.

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