• Sorry if I seem to be following you. There aren't too many fun Q's to answer and you're asking the more interesting ones right now. I promise I'm not stalking you...............To answer the question : Thick crust. I've always hated the thin New York style.
    • Linda Joy
      Well if I slow down, look over my shoulder, and bat my eyelashes at you, then will you stalk me? Lol
    • Anoname
      Mr Big says hello again.
    • Linda Joy
    • Linda Joy
      Dang! I almost forgot to ask you what toppings?
    • Anoname
      Simple eater - prefer just cheese but will also eat with ONE topping of either pepperoni, canadian bacon (aka ham), or hamburger.
    • mushroom
      I dunno why thin crust is credited as "New York" style, when every neighborhood pizzeria in New York made a chewy thick crust you could fold in half without it drooping. anyhow, preferred toppings are pepperoni or half black olives half spinach/broccoli.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank you, Anoname. Mushroom, its called New York style because it originated in New York City in the early 1900s, unconventional toppings. I like that.
    • mushroom
      BTW, Chicago is not the same as "pizza" in my book. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's a whole 'nother thing entirely. If I just want to fill up, I'd rather get a square (Sicilian).
    • Linda Joy
      Square pizza reminds me of school lunch cafeteria food. I know some places do make good square pizza. I've worked at 4 different pizza places with 3 different companies and none of them made square pizza. Now I'm wondering what makes a pizza Sicilian
    • Linda Joy
      I just looked it up. Do you actually eat the anchovies? I can't stand anchovies! I don't even like to pick them off because the salt is still on the pizza!
    • mushroom
      I don't care much for anchovies either and I have yet to visit Sicily. In Rome, pizza comes in a variety of toppings and is even made as a long strip and cut with scissors to size. "New York" style is closest to pizza in Napoli, but the tomatoes and cheese there are without compare.
    • Linda Joy
      I use scissors to cut pieces of the crust off the last ten minutes of cooking as an appetizer! But not if I'm serving it to others, of course! Then I use my teeth. That's how you get the whole pizza for yourself! Mwaaaahhhhh haaah haah! Jk.
    • Celifrog
      Gotta agree with you right there.
  • Deep dish, no stuffed crust. I'll usually save the crust for last - if I'm still hungry. I usually order a double mushroom & onion, but when I'm feeling decadent ... I'll go all out and get an "all dressed".
    • Linda Joy
      Again unconventional! Nice! I'm guessing you like yours with beer!
    • Ice man
      How did you know ??? : )
    • Linda Joy
      I'm psychic! Lol Psych!
  • Thin Crust organic
    • Linda Joy
      What toppings?
    • Roaring
      buffalo chicken, mushroom,
    • Linda Joy
      What does a buffalo chicken look like?
  • thin, sure sounds good right now.
    • Linda Joy
      I had one today. That's why I asked. What toppings?
  • I'll take deep dish or thin crust but leave of the fishy's I mean anchovies. They taste kind of like sardines which I love but way stronger taste and so blasted salty.
    • Linda Joy
      What toppings do you like?
  • I just love the big deep pan with everything on it (except the fishy's.)
    • Linda Joy
      I don't particularly care for the green bell pepper or the green olives either.
  • For the life of me! I can't remember the kind of. . . . Oh wait. . . it just came to me the pizza supreme. With all the toppings.
    • Linda Joy
      I prefer a meat lovers to a supreme but I also like the 4 cheese. I prefer to make my own, but it's easier to buy them.
    • Rick Myres
      Yes it is easier that is why I go to Pizza Hut for mine. I like the meat lovers too. I don't stay with just one flavor. That would be boring and make me boring too. Lol
    • Linda Joy
      I usually get mine from the freezer section at Aldi but Walmart has the same thing only without the cardboard circle under it. The rising crust three meat for less than $2.75 and it lasts for at least 3 and maybe 4 meals!
  • If by deep dish you mean Chicago style then deep dish, if not then thin.
    • Linda Joy
      what toppings?
    • scubaduba
      I love all kinds of toppings except black olives and anchovies.
  • Deep dish with stuffed crust! Toppings: Extra cheese, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers
  • OMG not deep crust.....if I wanted to eat bread, I'd eat bread.THIN 'N CRISPY pizza crust's the ONLY WAY TO GO..........OK????? LOL :-D
    • Kevin1960
      I don't care for a lot of sauce, either.
  • Rising crust pizza with only everything on it.
  • I prefer pie pizza or calzone. Pizza alone is just bread with topping for 5 times the price.
    • Linda Joy
      A calzone is just a pizza folded in half and sealed.
  • it dont nnatter to nne, i could eat any of thenn
  • I prefer thin crust nowadays. Mushrooms and olives. Sometimes peppers or spinach or something else green, depending on my mood. I do love how different cities in the USA have unique quirks about their pizzas: I grew up in Detroit, where the pizzas were square and deep with caramelized butter on the crust and with the sauce baked on top of the cheese. I've also lived in Indianapolis, where the crusts were paper thin and cracker-like, round, yet cut into a grid. And now I live in Vermont, where the pizzas are round with medium-thin crusts (with lots of air pockets) and everything is coated in flour before baking, so you get this kind of toasty flavour.
  • Chicago style deep dish for me but unfortunately my wife is from New York and true to her New York style pizza. Most of the rest of the time we get along pretty well.
    • Linda Joy
      Good thing they invented personal pan pizzas for just such occasions!
    • Rick Myres
      The last time I ordered a personal pan pizza it was not like any I remembered from before.
  • thin crust 😍 hello linda! still remember me?
    • Linda Joy
      Of course! We are both big fans of Ice man! I miss him!
  • Thin crust Its much more healthy. Not that pizza is a health food. Deepdish is a heartattack on a plate with all that fat, cholesteral. Unless its vegan pizza.
    • Linda Joy
      Cauliflower crust? Cauliflower used to cost about the same as broccoli until they started using it for all this vegan stuff! Just like corn products (esp. cereal) went up when they started using it for fuel! But I like having these other options as well so I guess its a trade off.
  • Deep dish meat pizza.
  • I like a thin crust with Pepperoni and mushrooms
  • Thin crust for me definitely.
  • Thin crust is my favourite, with mushroom and onion or with pineapple and bacon. 😋🍍
  • I like any crusts of pizza.
  • I recently had a thin with pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms. It was great.
  • deep dish hands down!
  • Thin crust because I can eat an entire pizza and have it be like 1500 calories when i'm on a 'diet'.
  • The thin crust pizzas from pizza chains are TOO thin. (I like mine thin, but not THAT thin.) The deep-dish pizzas are WAY too thick. Mostly bread. Gimme the regular crust, from a chain, or if I make my own, about half-way between pizza chain regular and pizza chain thin. Toppings: "the works" plus (raw) broccoli and cauliflower. Stuffed crust - had a frozen, rising crust, SAUCE-stuffed-crust pizza a few years ago and it was GREAT. Burned my tongue, and maybe that's why it's not in the stores any more. Putting sauce inside of that dry crust rim really made the crust un-dry and delicious.
  • Thin and crispy crust with mushroom, bacon and green pepper toppings.😋
  • The perfect pizza for me would be just the plain cheese pizza with a regular crust, not too thin and not too thick, that when you bite into it there is a crunch. Heaven.... 😋
  • thin crust please
  • Thin crust pizza
  • I prefer a thin crust Pizza
  • Either, but I prefer thin crust. A comedian once said, "Pizza is like sex. When it's good it's very good, and when it's bad it's still pretty good".
  • I'm good with a thin crunchy crust with anything that will fit on it except pineapple bits. I can see pineapples on a dessert pizza where a sweet taste is expected, but not on a traditional pizza.
  • I ♥ any pizza.
  • Thin crust pizza. Its healthier for people with diabetes. Toppings vegetarian ones , especially mushrooms.
  • Thin crust. I can enjoy more of it and longer. Thick crust just means you are inhaling calories. The good stuff is on top of the pizza.
  • any type of pizza is ok with me

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