• While this may give you a sense of peace of mind, you will not do well financially in this world if you never borrow (mortgage, car) or loan (bank CD, bonds). My parents had that Depression-era mindset, so they never owned property, worked "safe" jobs, and ended up with relatively little, but I have nothing to complain about their choices.
    • Linda Joy
      I was thinking more along the lines of personal loans. But good point!
    • Qagidi
      The only thing I've ever bought on 'loan' is a house. If I haven't got the cash, I save till I have. In my book, tomorrow's money is sacrosanct - untouchable. Buying for cash is often cheaper initially and if you're paying compound interest, like with hp's, or other terms, you must factor all cost before taking your decision. I know it can be tough, but over the years you will be distinctly wealthier.
    • Qagidi
      Another thought, look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. It really works!
    • Qagidi
      Lend money? Ouch! bad idea! Yeah, Shakespeare was wise!
  • i think its a good idea
  • i think its a good one
  • Another instance of taking a line out of context in the Bible. This line is saying to love all others. It is talking of love not money.
    • mushroom
      Say you don't need no diamond rings And I'll be satisfied Tell me that you want the kind of things That money just can't buy I don't care too much for money Money can't buy me love --The Beatles
    • Linda Joy
      This answer only proves you don't even know what's in The Bible! And the question clearly states its from Shakespeare! And yes, its about money. In particular the lending and borrowing of it. Are you sure you didn't confuse this question with another one?
  • I never lend out any thing because it never comes back in the same condition.

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