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  • Just to let everyone know, we have been under sustained attack by spammers since yesterday. We activated the penalty box for all users to block the spammers and have been progressively been refining our approach. We hope that by the end of the day today we have plugged enough of the holes that the spammers have wormed through. Please have patience and thanks for sticking with us.
    • beaker95
      Hi, Dan. Where have all my Q & A gone? Why can I not post questions or answers? I can only post comments. Please help.
    • Dan
      Sorry Beaker95. It looks like the AI algo marked your profile as "spammer" in one of the spam attacks. I've restored your account and all of your postings should come back in the next hour or so. We're pushing a change to the AI tomorrow and that should correct this problem for any other users that were incorrectly labeled during the attack. Sorry about that!
    • beaker95
      Thanks Dan, everything back now. I hope my heart can deal with all this excitement.
  • I have noticed a lot of spam recently on Answerbag from companies to Jehovah's Witness. Spammers are combining their efforts to compromise gullible users and converting them into zombies.

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