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  • It's not against the rules. I was thinking of starting over again myself, with a new account called just "Mr Pants", so I can have a functioning e-mail again. But then I realized the site will tell me "that e-mail address is already being used". *sigh* Maybe I will let Captain Meow make an account, so he can speak for himself. That might be fun. Or use one of 6 other identities I've created over the years. Multiple identities can be good for humor. You can script a story and do all the characters. Or one time I made another identity to be the site's advice columnist. Another time I created a mystery man, for a game of sorts. AND THEN there were the animals.. (oh but I agreed with the court not to discuss that incident O_o .) Oops. I mean, what court? I didn't say court. I said "Count" as in..Dracula. Yea, that's what I meant! *paniced* "Hey look! Over there!.. *runs away fastly*
    • Linda Joy
      What are your other answerbag identities?
    • beaker95
      I'm not telling you.
  • No, no, no, absolutely not, never, never, never, who's been talking about me, what did they say, it's just heresay, I only have eight, erm I mean one account, just the one, you can't prove otherwise, it's just not true, all lies I tell you, all lies, my attorney has been notified and she's a right mean cookie, who will sue you blindly and take every last cent you have.
    • Linda Joy
      No lawyer in their right mind would try to sue me! I don't have anything to take. It's also one of the best theft deterrent systems in the world, I don't own anything anyone would want!
    • beaker95
      I want to steal your warm, caring humanity, Linda and keep it in a jar by my heart.
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I miss you man!
  • no, this is my only one
    • Linda Joy
      I only have one as well.
  • What do you class as more than one ?
    • Linda Joy
      Pleading the 5th?

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