• I can't say I've done that. But I did watch the whole Hogan's Heroes series, and when I got to the last episode, I was so disappointed I watched the whole thing again (Schultz actually gets funnier by the third time through.) (By the fourth time, he starts to make sense. Don't watch it four times.)
    • Linda Joy
      Lol! I did that with the Stephanie Plum novels. The second time through there was a new one at the end! I'm usually happy to complete a project, but occasionally I do regret it ending.
  • not yet
  • That's the hallmark of a workaholic. You can't advance if you can't commit.
    • Linda Joy
      What? !
  • not yet but you can always do another one of the same one if you didnt want it to be over
  • No but that depends on one's motive for doing the project. I might enjoy doing a project but my motive is usually the end benefit of the project. As a result, after I finish, I find myself wanting to just stand and stare at the completed project.
    • Linda Joy
      That makes a lot of sense Joe! The thought of you standing there admiring your work made me smile. Thank you!
  • no, i dont do projects that much

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