• Any drinking that's done regularly, and then you notice over time, you drink more each time, and the hangovers are worse, and then you start having blackouts, and then the blackouts become more frequent, and you drink alone or in the morning, or gulp your drinks.THAT is how alcoholism starts. ...If you get to where you have to have a certain amount of drink, when you drink, or you wont be happy, you're alcoholic. If you stash the stuff away, so you wont run out, you're an alcoholic. These are sure signs. ..But it all begins...with drinking regularly. Even if it's just "every Friday night". THAT is regularly. Regularly is alcoholic. And it will progress as I described. And that's how you know. (Normal is more like, you got better stuff to do, and wouldn't be interested in making yourself hungover every week like that. And by 20 or 23 no more partying at all, because your life becomes what you do regularly. THAT'S more like normal.
  • I'd say yes it's more probable, but this is not causal. You can choose to quit drinking, and if you can't by yourself then get help. And NEVER drink while taking Tylenol!!! This is how my sister committed suicide, but it took her two weeks to die, while her children watched as they became orphans!

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