• What kind of "scooter" are we talking? ..a mobility scooter for people who can't walk easily? Or the toy for fun variety "scooter"?
    • Linda Joy
  • Hello Linda. Interesting question. Here's what I found in the way of 2 person commuter scooter. Not sure if it meets your low-to-the ground req
    • Linda Joy
      Low to the ground wouldn't be a necessity with the tricycle. But at that price I could get a used car! Thank you though! I appreciate your making the effort to answer!
    • Linda Joy
      And it's good to see you again! I missed you! How is your girlfriend?
  • i have one i havent been using, but people tell me to keep it in case i ever need it, its just a mobility scooter i used when i had my hip implants
  • If you are going to ride on a highway, you gotta have a gasoline-powered engine. I would recommend at least a 180cc machine minimum. Don't ever buy a Chinese machine. (service and parts are sketchy)
    • Linda Joy
      No, Electric scooters are legal on the highway.
  • not sure, i have one i havent been using but its not close to the ground, got it when i had nny hip innplants, people tell nne to keep it in case i ever need it again, got it fronn a trust fund so i didnt even have to pay for it

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