• No, my death will only indicate the end of my mortal existence. It will not end anything else. Life will go on... just not mine.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Ah there you are. You asked me about credentials, and also posted a general question asking people "who are you?" (I noticed, I was wrapped up in things at the moment though) (okay I was bummed out because I used to have so many friends, and now I have just one left, and my cat. And no family at all. None. So it's me and my precious buddy, my Captain Meow, except for one day of the month when that one friend comes over. *sigh* I had to move to the dirty smelly city to make the small pension I have to get by on now work (I can no longer afford a car, but the city has public transportation and things within walking distance) (which is fine, but it also's awful. Shootings, hookers, drugs, homeless people that we don't run the country in a way that there would be no misery like that (civilized countries do) (Finland doesn't even have a word for "homeless"). So I'm just indoors all the time, and to fill my time, I learned to build websites, and then produce magazines online. But that got old because I haven't the advertising money to attract sufficient readers (members). So I started saving and buying music equipment (because I wrote 400 songs, in my twenties. And I'm a few decades older now, but I thought I might get back to writing again, to amuse myself, maybe play open mics, tell jokes, who knows. So I got all the instruments a rock band had (I play all the parts, yes), and a sweet digital recording system. It took almost 4 years of going without things, but I got it now). I do have to play through headphones though, because I'm in an apartment. And I'm not 20 now, so I can't have grand ambitions like "I'm gonna be a rock star!"...yea,, that ain't gonna happen now. LOL ....Anyway, live in a rough area, but I am across from a college, so it doesn't look rough, and there's no traffic noise. ..I sure wish I could let Captain Meow go outside though. (And me!) (Oh, I'm a country boy, and now I haven't even seen the sky in ten years :( ...But I plod onward as if I'm going somewhere anyway *shrug* Humor helps. As to "credentials," much of my answer to that question would have been a bit personal for posting in an open forum, so I didn't answer you right away because I wasn't sure what to say. But I can tell you I have a masters worth of education yet no degree, though I have worked with people with substance and alcohol issues, many of whom often have also a mental disorder, and many end up homeless. I've done a lot of volunteer work in the area of helping those at the bottom, because though society seems to think we should further reward those who already have a lot, I have always believed it should be those who have not had a chance that deserve one. I'm a compassionate soul. So that's it. I write music, humor, can build & operate a website, produce humor magazines single-handedly, with every detail attended nicely. But I'm on a pension now and if I were to earn any money they'd just take it from me (because that's what America thinks they should do to people who bought insurance) (Mr Pants is not very happy with America.) Actually I was born in England and lived there some years. I came to The States when I was 12 though, so have been here too long to feel English any more. But I don't feel like waving any flags for lazy Americans either, who'd let the rich rob them and then parrot propaganda for a fascism, so...if I could, I'd live in Finland!! I would. For how can I be proud of a country, and a people, who parrot that helping people is bad, but robbing people & brainwashing them & lying to them to depower them is "strength"??? I can not. [CONTINUED NEXT POST..]
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      [CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS POST..] If America ever did something to be proud of, I'd love to feel proud, but sadly, once the Kennedies (and so democracy and any future decency or constructiveness) was all murdered in the 60's, it's been downhill into hell ever since (In fact, that might actually be Satan we just *cough* "elected" *blink, blink* (No, I'm not religious. But if ever there was something one could call evil, it would be a party that decimates the lives of millions, by brainwashing and intimidating, so they can stuff all the stolen money in a box. (well...if someone's gonna steal, and it's because they're in need, that's one thing, but these guys do it just to do it...and they lie and harm and I hate them and what they've done. And but Americans don't lift a finger to stop any of it happening! mm. Hard to have respect for them... Okay so that covers politics, religion, job, home, family (or lack thereof). Yep, that's me (and Captain Meow) (Oh yea, we're a team)(And I still might start drawing the comic strip I intended for him, when I gave him that name...but...I plan a lot of things, and only have time for a few. ;)
    • Linda Joy
      We have a few things in common, but I'm guessing you have a keyboard and are not limited to a 3" phone screen like I am! (Sheesh!) I, too have lost many family and friends but I choose to make more. I live in an apartment, but pets are not allowed, so no Chairman Meow for me. Public transport would be a step up for me as I'm not able to make it to the bus stop. I am planning to get a scooter in an attempt to regain my independence, something I miss terribly! I used to joke that when I was born the doc slapped me on the butt and said' Good luck #7 cuz you're pretty much on your own from here on out! My mother was mentally damaged (frontal lobe) when she was hit by a car at age 12 and my father left when I was 2. So having to depend on others goes against my very nature! If you were in your 20's a couple of decades ago that would put you in your 40's, but lamenting the loss of the Kennedy's would put you closer to my age. Don't fret Mr Pants you will always be a rock star in your own mind! Jam on!
  • I think it important to do as much growing as you can, so you did your best not to die without having grown out of a few faults, and developing a few talents and helping others a while. It's not much to have for a meaning to a life; but I find no religion true, and no reason to think we're important enough to exist eternally. So I had to figure out what decides what right and wrong is? (nature does....youre a social mammal, if you do a thing that hurts your society, or another, you did wrong...but anything else you might do, even if it's weird or awful, if it didnt hurt anyone, so what). And but I was saying..a goal to a life? a meaning? something to fulfill? Yea, just that one thing. If you got faults, try and grow past them, because it might be irrational, but I dont want to die twisted, or never having moved forward. I want to die having become a well adjusted, developed being. It seems important. .........So, no i accept not everything I could have had, enjoyed, been and done will happen before I die. long as I don't die ungrown is all.
    • Linda Joy
      I have found the true Church later in life, but I'm bad at being good after a lifetime of being good at being bad! But I'm trying to do and be better.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry I thought this was another continuation! (Blushing)
  • I hope I see a Female US President before I pass on
  • As someone with no belief in an afterlife, I have a favorite answer to, "What happens after you die?" Everyone else's life.
  • No, I think that everything will keep happening after I die, just like it does after everyone else I know that has died.
  • No. In the end, it doesn't matter anyway - nothing matters. Death doesn't even matter. In the end, you will be filled with an indescribable sense of peace. That's it. Time will have no meaning, family will have no meaning, kids, pets, financial obligations - none of these will have any meaning because they'll no longer exist. ¶ I experienced this level of peace once after being involved in a traffic accident (the doctors said they lost me three times). From that moment, the thought of death has never frightened me (only the manner). I never had any kind of near death experience, and I never saw any light at the end of a tunnel. I never spoke with God or Jesus or anyone else. Everything that happened to me seemed instantaneous. ¶ No, I don't think everything will happen before I die. Like Andrew Jackson or Abraham Lincoln, life will still go on after I die, new technology will be introduced, and mankind will either wake up and see what he doing to the world or he'll let greed and corruption guide him to its destruction. ¶ But it won't matter to me - I'll be dead.
  • A lot has happened that I didn't think would happen in my life time, so all bets are off, who knows?
  • Specify “everything”. I don’t understand what you mean by “everything”. That could mean anything at all so please explain.
  • Everything as far as I'm concerned, I guess. The rest is all stuff I won't ever care about.

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