• I'm thinking I should eat eggs and rotten cheese before my court appearance, and give the judge a demonstration of what happens when you hold it in, to show that I cant reasonably be held responsible for constraining my noxious fumes. Do you think he will hold me in contempt of court for this? Or issue a "restrainer" of some kind? *blink* Or might the judge surprise us all and cut one in return? (in which case it would only be proper to provide a banjo player to accompany this fart off.... "bubba ding dung ding dung ding dung ding... "
  • It is around here, when someone looks at me funny ... I just blame it on the ducks.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Yes! Those pesky ducks! *blink* Uh oh...I think someone just stepped on one.
  • Yes! Everyone does it...and it might hurt your body not to...that is....if you could keep from farting!

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