• you tube
    • Roaring
      Oh yes
  • I use YouTube.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I like that you can play one song, and it will automatically play another one of the same type, and then another, and another. It's like a radio, and you can pick the kind of music by which song you start it with.
    • Roaring
      That's what i like about Pandora. You can shape stations based on a song or an artist and keep adding to it and thumbing up or down the music you like or not. Ad ad-block and no script and there are no ad interruptions.
  • I actually use Youtube Music app. The best I've ever seen so far for music. I used to use Tidido, which was similar, but it got shut down.
  • I use Amazon Music. It can be played on a wide range of devices.
  • I like and use both.

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