• Through marketing. You can market online and offline. Online-this could be the cheapest way to market. Here are some of the option: Open up social media accounts and make sure you get traffic for it through content creation. Get more likes if possible. Search for free classifieds sites in regards to your business and advert there. Subscribe to several online directories. With offline,use all the free advertising channel
  • Advertising?
  • Hire better sales people!!! advertise on a local radio station....... make sure your service/product is the BEST it can be...... take part in some community activity, no matter how small you think it is... and stay hungry!!!!!!!!!! huh??? by that I mean...... you remember how 'hungry' you were when you started your business? there was just about nothing you wouldn't do to promote yourself, etc., etc. then when it got successful, you slacked off a bit..........admit it!!! so that means you NOW HAVE TO GO BACK TO HOLDING THE SAME HUNGRY ATTITUDE YOU DID WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED!!!!! think upon these things......!!!! and best of luck to you!!!!!!
  • *** Have you ever heard of the silent shopper? You need to get a friend that does not work for you and go to the shop 5 miles down the road. Have him scope out the prices and all the services that he provide as well as the cost. You might need to offer smaller jobs. 1) Once you get the information provide the same services at a discounted price just to lure people into your business. 2) After you complete your service about 1-3 weeks later send out a thank-you card with additional coupons if possible and a survey. (on what the customers are looking for, let them decide if they want referrals, bonus points, are just discounted prices but let them decide try to give them a deadline and once the deadline ended mail out what the consumers ask for) and please react upon it. 3) If you could provide points for their services. 4) Offer referrals 5) Send out reminders 6) Advertise, Advertise, Advertise I hope this work.

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