• Because gender roles dictate that the man wears the pants in the relationship meaning he is the one to call all the shots and the woman is expected to like it or lump it. When the woman is the one doing all the taking charge stuff it is viewed as out of charachter especially when the man just meekly goes along without any protest. Please don't misinterpret what i am saying. I am not agreeing with stupid gender roles. Im just stating what society in general sees as normal for both genders. Personally i see nothing wrong with the woman who wants to be in charge of making all the decisioms unless she is a poor decision maker.
  • Men are more likely to use physical violence than women. Women are more verbal.
    • mushroom
      A picture of a woman wielding a rolling pin comes to mind.
    • Linda Joy
      A .45 comes to mine! Don't get me wrong, we've been learning! ,And catching up on a fast curve! I learned from some of the best!
  • Sorry, duplicate post.
  • There are "door mats" in both genders.
  • Because a rooster doing the pecking is "the natural order of things" in the chicken world, and often CONSIDERED to be "the natural order of things" in the human world. There's a story in One Thousand Nights and a Night (Burton) that exemplifies this attitude (and, indeed, advises men to model their behavior after the rooster.)
  • They are usually abused women and afraid to speak out.
  • Maybe because men are making the comments?
  • Women control their men more often.

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