• I dunno...
  • First you have to pay for it , then you can ring it.
  • A toll is a knell, as in death "knell" (tolling a bell to announce someone's death). It is a bell ringing, just as a ring is, but it differs in that it is rung one gloomy "bong" at a time...denoting gravity. Ringing on the other hand connotes joyful announcement. A bell is rung to announce or celebrate good stuff...a couple's marriage for instance....or that the townspeople are elated at having run that guy they hated out of town. *blink blink* And like that. .......Did I guess right? What did I win?
    • Ice man
      Very good, you're the only one to get it right, Congratulations - you have won a free weekend adventure at beaker's place. Hope you like Guinness beer and marmite.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Ice Man's back! Cool. Have a good trip? Now if only I could sort out where beaker's gone to (The site seems to be glitching intermittently in a variety of ways. Beaker's profile suddenly showed no followers, no following either, so he dropped off my list and appeared to be gone (I still don't see him, and might have to send Captain Meow out to do some sniffing around later). It really is glitchy around here though. I added myself back to "following", but it disappeared off his lit again, and now it seems that he is following himself! Do you suppose he was kidnapped? Or is this the work of Donald Trump's 'brown shirts'? ..And what about aliens?? *pulls tin foil hat tighter* *blink*
    • Ice man
      Yes to all of the above. "Beaker" was just one of his many profiles, as he was continually being removed because of complaints by some people, who grouped together, to have him abolished from AB.
  • **I THINK** only larger bells toll, a "toll" is a deep sound and smaller bells / higher-pitched bells ring. But let's see what the dictionary has to say: Toll [2] . . . . 1 - to cause (a large bell) to sound with single strokes slowly and regularly repeated, as for summoning a congregation to church, or especially for announcing a death. . . . . 2 - to sound or strike (a knell, the hour, etc.) by such strokes: [In the distance Big Ben tolled five.] . . . . 3 - to announce by this means; ring a knell for (a dying or dead person). . . . . SO: a toll is both a deeper sound AND a sound repeated at regular intervals.
    • Ice man
      LOL !!! Top marks for doing so much research. : )

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