• I don't know, but I remember his show fondly. it was grand adventure (in black and white), and in later years it became some damn funny parodies done by comics, sporting on the sound of his breathing apparatus, as he tells us in his thick French accent, about "Philleep", up above (on the "Caleepso") ... I wonder..If I google on you tube, do ya think..? yes! Oh. Wow. I dont remember Rod Serling being the narrator. His voice makes it sound silly, like Leonard Nimoy is about to tell us about crop circles and pyramid power, but...still. Far out.
    • beaker95
      I was abducted by aliens in 1846 and on my return to Earth was found wandering naked, popsicle in hand, in Tibet, with crop circles etched into my pubic hair....
  • He invented his "aqualung" breathing system. Which permitted divers the freedom to move around and to stay underwater for much longer periods of time. Like Mr Pants, I too enjoyed watching his underwater explorations on TV .
    • beaker95
      What are the main differences between deep-sea diving and deep-muff diving....?
    • Ice man
      The main difference would be the fishy smell.
  • He invented having an assistant to go to all the REALLY dangerous places and still take the credit. The oceans are teaming with crazed killer sharks - I'll be staying on the boat today but Philip will.....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      (underwater breathing sounds..."qwooo...qwoooo --- qwooo...qwoooo")(thick French accent:) "Up above, on the Caleepso, Philleep is preparing meat, with some of those leetle potatoh's I like." qwooo....qwoooo "Philleep is useless as a marine biologist, but can do wonderful things with my meat" qwooo... "The crew often giggles when I talk about Philleep doing wonderful things with meat, but I do not understand" qwooo "I theenk today I will send Philleep into that undersee volcanoh, for a closer loook." qwooo...
    • beaker95
      Pure genius.....I am in the company of greatness and feel mightily honoured. Thank you.....

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