• If that's all you've got to go on, I'd say give him the benefit of doubt. My house phone is loud too, and I've slept through it. When you find a hair different from your own on your pillow, or a lipstick smudge that isn't your color ... that's the time to start worrying and asking serious questions.
  • If things are going well then why allow worry to ruin your good time? Its about the great times you have together. There are no prizes for figuring out whether he is spending himself on someone else and nothing you can do about it anyway. If you love to chat during lunch break fine but trying to keep tabs on him will not make him feel good about you. And by their mid 50s or maybe even earlier men do slow down so do expect that. If you want to get him going park yourself next to him at home and start masturbating and bringing yourself off - after an O or two he will get the message - that works with most men. Long as you don't overdo it.

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