• Nacho cheese, really ? That's not too bad. I swear my ex's feet smelled like Limburger cheese left out in the sun, it was bad enough to make your eyes water.
    • Anoname
      Seriously - in the 80's the government really did fund a study as to why feet smell like Dorito chips.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      So that's where all the money's been going!
    • Linda Joy
      Your tax dollars hard at work! haha. Ice man, why didn't you offer to paint her toenails and spray them suckers with diluted vinegar to get rid of the smell throw away all her shoes and buy her new ones?
  • I had a friend that said they smelled like corn chips. My feet don't smell. Even when I used to walk home from work every day with wet feet! But then I don't wear shoes much at home. If they did smell I'd use vinegar on them to make them less attractive to bacteria. Oh, it also helps that I had two pair, so one could dry while I wore the other pair.
  • The same bacteria that is used to ripen many cheeses, including Munster, Limburger and Port-du-Salut, also lives on our skin and eats dead skin cells. It’s called Brevibacterium; as it digests it gives off S-methyl thioesters, which smell cheesy. Another skin-munching bacterium is Staphylococcus epidermidis, which produces the cheesy, vinegary-smelling isovaleric acid. The final ingredient in this ‘socktail’ is Propionibacterium, which converts sweat into the sour-smelling propanoic acid.
  • You're using the wrong soap. You have to buy the package that says "Soap," not "Nacho Cheese." Let me know if you need any more life skills training sessions.

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