• You sound like nice, loving and normal young man. My advice would be to run, not walk, away from this woman and find someone else that's normal . I understand that sounds harsh and cruel but you will never achieve happiness if you stay with her, and especially not if you marry her. She is not naive, she's a control freak, and knows exactly how to take advantage of your kind heart. Everything she says she'll do for you after marriage is bullshit, so stop listening to it. She doesn't want to do it now, and she won't do it then either. She doesn't care about you because she's selfish & too busy caring about herself. It's all about her, and that's not going to change - not today, not in a years time, not ever. Save yourself before it's too late.
    • beaker95
      Still the same, bitter, old bastard. I love you....
    • Ice man
      Hahahaha Some things never change. : )
  • There is more to life than sex. Let her go to someone who may understand her.
  • For a couple to be happy together you can't be fighting all the time so sounds like you are not a good match. She sounds very young and not very formed which may appear attractive to you at this point because you want to feel you are more experienced by comparison - BUT doesn't sound as though she is going to take kindly to being led and formed by you. Is all well and good to respect her wishes re sex and marriage but what is the reason for waiting? If she is only waiting to get interested in sex with you it may never happen. Then she may take up with someone else she likes better and have sex with him which will only hurt you. And honey please understand that a woman who is really "beautiful-hearted" will be thinking of others and not be as self-centered as she is. The cleanliness issue might be the result of a personal problem dealing with dirt and untidiness which she tries to control but will never be able to do so since they are so pervasive in life. So the problem for her will only increase the more dirt and untidiness she has to deal with. Really does not sound very promising.

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