• I am just about to sell a house for the first time and my mind is a blur with all the different options available to me. Everybody seems to suggest selling to a retail estate agent, but is this the right approach? They want a 2%+ commission rate here in the UK and I am not sure their service is worth it. What other options are open to me, ones where I can read real life customer testimonies and are in no way unscrupulous! If anybody has access to websites, blogs, videos, infographics, etc. which examine the various methods of selling a house that would be ideal. I need to make as money from the sale as possible but as I want to relocate ASAP to another city a fast sale would be ideal. Thanks for any help in answering this question.
  • For a fast sale a real estate agent would work best but please understand some of their practices and methods might not be the most upstanding.
  • You could sell it yourself and save a little money that would have went to the realtor, but you may not have the same resources or interest if it's not backed by credibility.

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