• Just what questions do they ask?
  • Love is felt when we remember. War. greed and famine are some of the consequences of forgetting love.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      You win!
  • 3-21-2017 Love war greed and famine are not questions. There is no answer when you don't know what the question is.
  • I thought you said important....
    • Ice man
      You know what thought did, eh?
    • beaker95
      Something in the back of a truck....?
    • Ice man
      He thought he farted , but shit himself instead...
    • beaker95
      Is that you, Mr. Pants....?
  • Give it another spin - those are subjects, not really important questions.
    • beaker95
      Is this Wheel of Fortune now....?
    • Ice man
      Yes, and the bonus round is coming up...
    • beaker95
      Not the only thing coming up in my trailer....

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