• Lois Lane was hot. There had been 7 Lois Lanes as of 2013. Personally I think which was hottest is a 3-way tie between Noel Neill of the original 1950's Adventures of Superman show (she had a nice shape, in a dress); Teri Hatcher of the 90's Lois and Clark series (nicely feminine); and Erica Durance of the 00s' "Smallville" Superman series (she was sexiest, body-wise --- but Teri Hatcher had a more appealing femininity). I'd pick just one favorite, but each had an appeal of her own. Mr Pants would need them all to audition (repeatedly) to make up his mind. As for Mary Jane Watson, there were 3 women who played her in Spiderman movies. ~Kirsten Dunst (Spider‑Man 3) ~Shailene Woodley (Spider‑Man 2) ~and Sara Ballantine. Now, Mr Pants has erected wooden monuments to Shailine Woodley's beauty on several occasions. One might say I cast my vote for her already. (Get it? "Cast"? HE he. HE he he! He.....Okay it's not that funny.) So hmm.. Teri Hatcher, Erica Durance or Shailine Woodley? IS THAT the final choice?? Oh man...more monuments may need to be raised. Mmm... Hmm... Too close to call!! Have them all meet me in my trailer for auditions. Right away!
    • Anoname
      Great breakdown of the possabilities. My thought was more along the lines of which boyfriend you'd risk moving in on.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Oh! Well..Superman can see through walls and bust through, and even turn back time if he needs to, to get to you. I'd rather take my chances with Spiderman.
  • Lois wasn't as sexy as Mary Jane.
    • Anoname
      I think I could handle Spidy as I hooked up with his girl.
  • For what? Writing my life's story? They were both good journalists, weren't they? But aren't they both dead?
  • I just keep thinking of Lois Lane in the original Superman movie. What a bitch....

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