• Did that the last 2 days, including my computer installation.
  • Yes, every time my springs start to rust...jk...I do, I open up all windows while I'm cleaning so my house can air out.
  • I'm not able to do what I used to. And I can't afford to hire someone. I could get help if I just ask, but I really don't like asking for help. And sometimes I delude myself into thinking I can if I can just fix this or that, I'll be able. But I'm usually disappointed every time I try because I can't stand for long without severe back pain. Of course that may get better once my ovarian cyst is fixed... (see what I mean?) I did get a really nice metal shelving unit the other day thinking it would help me tidy my kitchen and get rid of two plastic drawer units I'm using now that are not sturdy enough to store canned goods and pans, but it doesn't fit like I had hoped. My kitchen is very small and I can't use the cabinets because I'm too short to reach anything. The shelving unit is awesome though! It will hold 300 lbs per shelf! And you can't find shelves like this at yard sales or thrift stores. I also got some dirt (I wasn't nearly as thrilled about paying for dirt!!) so the plants can go outside now. And I found a beautiful comforter at the thrift store that looks really good on my couch. I was fairly sick the month of Feb. and got behind on some things spending more time in bed, but when I started feeling a little better after a medication adjustment, I was able to catch up a little. I do feel better when things are clean, but with my physical limitations I can only do it at a slow and steady pace rather than the flourish I had when I was younger and could get the majority of it done on a nice spring weekend. And I'd rather give things away than throw them away. I guess that comes from being poor all my life. Ok, I'll admit probably a little ocd in the mix as well. I could make [whatever] out of that! Or so and so might want it...
  • something has to inspire me. Still waiting for that inspiration.
  • no,with the size of my room its ridiculous. it's 10 x 10 .
  • no, i live alone, i just clean when i need to

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