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  • Dont do it :) are you sure that he has a crush on you too? or maybe he's just taking you for granted or he just did or tell those things because he already caught you, or he's aware about your feelings. Sometimes when people become aware of other's people about them, they become boastful and feeling cool. They say so many things even if it's not really true.
  • If you really wanted to prove something about that. Confront him instead
  • I, as telling you from the aspect of a guy, would prefer to be told flat out or at least "by" the person who has a crush on me... this could be in any way of course, but in the act of pretending it isn't you might ensue that the crush could attain an attraction to whoever you are pretending to be instead of the real you... which could end up more risky than the text you planned to send in the first place.

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