• Even though i can't read all you've wrote here. I want you to relax whenever feeling those things that would start the fight. Inhale and exhale. For you to control your temper, try to imagine first what will happen if you do this, do that, and do those things. THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU ACT. If you're really angry at something or someone. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do it until it get's your control back. Just be optimistic. Be happy, Smile always. Remember that life is too short to waste your time on negative things, life is too short for you to spend it with so much anger in your mind and heart. ENJOY THE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! Lastly. Pray :) Maybe this sounds awkward or unusual for you. BUT! This really helps you for sure. :) ^_^ I'm excited to hear the changes about you soon. Hope to see more questions from you! :*
    • Saram909
      Thank you myang, Do you think I could ask you a second part to the question?
    • Myang
      Sure. Why not? Just feel free :)

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