• 3-10-2017 What is that supposed to mean? What does a newborn baby feel like, and how is anybody supposed to know?
    • Myang
      i know right. :) yeah. no one knows how it feels. i just tried to ask such silly question and finally it caught someone's attention. lols peace yow. do you want me to delete it already? xD
    • Jewels Vern
      I have no ill will toward you or your question, I merely answered it as I answer all such questions.
    • Myang
      Ok. can you answer some of my questions as well like how you answer all such questions? ;)
  • Sorry. This is one of those questions that don't really make sense. : (
    • Myang
      IKR XD
    • Ice man
    • Myang
      ow sorry sir. I said. I know right. hehe.. nevermind about this damn useless question. :)

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