• 8 different cars and pickups. took a couple of minutes to remember all since I had to think back into the 1950s
    • Ice man
      You did better than me. It took me 8 minutes to get all 32 of them in the right order.
    • officegirl
  • Very nice question. I remember I bought my 5 cars step by step online from an online classified ads site, because here I found very cheap and good cars so I bought my all cars from here and your question how many cars were there the answer is there were many cars in affordable price you can also check by visiting in cars category here.
    • Ice man
      Hahaha I didn't mean how many cars were for sale. I meant how many you've owned in your lifetime. But after re-reading my question I can see where I went wrong, and you answered 5 in the first part anyway. Thank you for answering. : )
    • Lisa Victoria
      hehehe. welcome :D
  • Six or seven (?) since my Mercury Cougar ('68 or '69 ) in 1976. Including a Chevrolet, a Toyota Corolla, something else, and two Subaru Imprezas. A minute but then I'm not entirely remembering.
    • Ice man
      A minute isn't bad. As you noticed, it took me considerably longer and my only excuse is that my number of vehicles is considerably higher and included motorcycles, cars, pickups, vans, and big trucks. I didn't include the loaders, tractors, and backhoes. If I did include them - the number jumps up to 42.
    • officegirl
      I know a lot of men are into cars and trucks from all the shows about them on TV.

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