• Can you ask for instructions, sale strategies, and what their expectations of you?
  • Handing out samples isn't overly complicated and not something to worry about. I'm sure you'll do fine.
    • Black Mystique
      Very true.
    • Pearl Lederman
      thats true, im just paranoid cause ive lost 5 jobs in the past 5 yrs and dont need to lose this one too
    • Ice man
      I understand, but you have to be brave and keep smiling till it hurts. When you encounter someone who's grumpy just ignore them and go on to the next. Keep a positive attitude and you'll do fine.
    • Black Mystique
      Yes, you can do it Perlman
  • How did you do on this job?
  • I think that qualifies as one of those jobs you just have to build up confidence and do the best you can. If you screw it up, it probably won't kill anyone.
  • It can't be hard surely, smile hold your hand out and say "Free sample?" When anyone hears the word "free" they normally grab it from your hands. What free samples do is give the consumer a taste of the product, so that they may become a regular purchaser. I'm sure anyone who is an old hand isn't going to have a problem guiding you, try to enjoy it.

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