• Mood swings can be destructive like any other mood disorders. [url=]Mood swings[/url] can also adversely affect your quality of life if left unattended. It is therefore imperative to seek help from your doctor if you are experiencing this mood disorder before the situation gets out of control. More detail pls visit:
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      thanks for your answer, and i got more knowledge about moods swings after visit : thanks again and keep touch
    • Jewels Vern
      That link is not very encouraging. I expect correct spelling and good grammar if I am to consider it an authoritative source.
  • 2-6-2017 First, what are we talking about? "Mood swing" is defined as an emotional effect. Emotions are habits. You have to learn what emotion applies to what situation, and how to act in each case. So you can control your emotions by simply learning new ways to act, or by reassessing your list of emotions. For example: you have a problem when people insult you. But you have no problem when a child insults you because you don't accept insults from a child. So you stop accepting insults from adults. Problem solved.
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      Easier said than done.

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