• Oh, there are moments when they don't like you. If they misbehave and you discipline them, they will get mad. I say this as a father of two boys - ages 7 and 6, and a little girl - age 4. However, in general, if you are a good and loving parent, they will reciprocate. Further, at certain times they won't want to be with you. When they become teens - I saw this with my brother's kids - they will want to spend more time with their friends. Not so much because they don't like you as because they are trying to assert a certain degree of independence. Every stage in their life will be a little different. Right now, I have a 7 year old who is ready to join the Marines. (We nicknamed him "Dangermouse.") I have a 6 year old who is cuddly and lovable and always makes me feel like a super-hero. As to my 4 year old, she is daddy's little princess. No doubt of it. This will all vary over time. The funny part being that if you are cruel to a child, his first reaction is not to dislike you, but to try harder to win your approval. It is only with time that a child who has been mistreated will begin to resent his parent. Anyhow, beyond that it is too hard to take account of all the possibilities of what could go right and what wrong. All I can say is that I love my children with all my heart. Their mother - my gf - says that I am a natural born father, However, she says that I tend - okay, she does not say "tend," she says that I just am - overprotective and that I spoil them. On the former I plead guilty, on the latter I protest my innocence. You do the best that you can and love them as much as you can and hope for the best. As Aristotle said, in so many words, if parents got child rearing perfectly right, the world would be fixed in a generation. They won't, so it won't be. However, I will also tell you this. You are 22 with no desire to have kids. I get that. I promise you this, though, the first time that the nurse puts that sqwaking little person in your arms that you and your s/o made, you will never believe that you could have loved so much. That's all you'll ever have to go on.
  • My son loves and respects me, so no, I never have any slight concern about that.

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