• 1-31-2017 Reddit has that voting scheme where anybody can downvote you and your posting privileges are cut, no discussion, no review, no forgiveness, nothing. It is equivalent to a driveby shooting. Blurtit had a similar situation but only the moderator was involved and he was not a stable personality. I quit before we came to words. Yahoo Answers was turning into a sewer and I didn't post there for a while. When I posted again, I was banned without explanation. Other than those, I hang out at all the Q&A sites that are still online.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 06
  • I belonged to the old AB for 8 years till they closed then I came here the day they opened. Welcome~Hope to friend you when they come up with that function. Good Day Feb. 06
  • I just joined recently. It's one of 3 that I belong to.
    • Willy D Billiams
      would you share the others?
  • I was asked to join by another member who had been on the old AB for about three years.
  • I don't use this site regularly because its too incomplete and beta like- there still isn't a proper notifications system, and you can't even view questions and answers after a certain point.. its a shame because this site is the nicest looking one i've tried in quite a while. Mind you, i wasn't on the old answerbag so i don't know what that was like.
  • cause i like it, im on yahoo answers a lot myself
  • Reddit was way to complicated to figure out. Quora was too big. Answermug and Answers didn't reply. I like Answerbag because it is small. My response isn't one of 12K. However it does need to add pics, links, paragraph markers and a way to block people. There also needs a way to make this place safe for kids. I'm talking about people who directly and indirectly advocate violence, like January 6th. People who approve of the attempted coup should reported to the FBI. They shouldn't be on this website. How they wind up here is an error that needs fixing now. Our kids need to be safe from that poison.
  • I used to be on Yahoo Answers until the website was removed and then I went on to Google to search for another Q&A website. Answerbag came up in the Google search

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