• 9-26-2017
  • Ask Jack Sparrow and his crew of odd misfits. They're good pirates who went against the British oppressors.
  • Yup, piracy is illegal.
  • pirate: a person who robs or commits illegal violence at sea or on the shores of the sea . . . SO - BY DEFINITION - a pirate is someone who does harm (not necessarily physical harm) against his victims, and does so illegally. It is BY DEFINITION illegal to be a pirate, no matter how many people you are protecting while being a pirate. . . . BUT tell me...can you think of a situation in which it would be "OK" - from a moral standpoint - to be a pirate? What could justify you stealing the cargoes of other ships? Or stealing other ships? There's only one I can think of: if you were the legitimate, legal owner of said ships and said cargoes, and you were restoring what was rightfully yours that had been illegally taken from you. Even then, to "be in the right" you'd have to avoid killing people and you'd have to avoid damaging any property that was NOT yours (such as: military vessels pursuing you).
  • Um, you can dress up if you want. Just don't steal from people and no one will bother you.
  • Yes. If you were doing illegal stuff to help people it would be like saying you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Peter is still getting ripped off, regardless of whether he has insurance to pay for the theft.
  • The pirating that AB does is already legal. So go for it. The terms and conditions give them the right to take what YOU write, and apply ANYONE elses name to it, happens daily.
    • Linda Joy
      That's not true. That's just someone changing their name. But anything you submit becomes the property of Answerbag to use as they wish. It was the same at the other sites.
    • wiseacre
      May not be true for you, but it happened to me a very lot before in AB here.
  • Why not just join the Coast Guard?

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