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  • Deal with the present...the here and now. If you guys love each other, you must learn from the past and then let the past go.
  • You can't "accept" someone you claim to love because she "lost her virginity" to someone else? Such thinking certainly limits you greatly. And really makes it appear you in fact don't love her at all. And only liked her because you could take her away from someone else. Why would you do that to her?
    • dorat
      Let me back up Officegirl on this one 100%. Your attitude is selfish and arrogant. As a guy, believe me, I understand that sense of jealousy. The point is that you need to learn to control it. You hurt her and she has needs as much as you do. To hold that against her is the height of selfishness and self-regard. If you care about her, you swallow your jealousy and your pride and be glad that you have a chance to be with a beautiful woman who loves you and cares for you. If that does not offset the fact that - when you were out of the picture, no less - she had sex with another man, then you probably should reconsider if you are mature enough to have a relationship. Sex is actually a gift that you can share and allow someone you love to enjoy. It is NOT a notch against your self-esteem. By the way, it also says something about your honesty that you are letting your gf think you have been with other women? Who you doing that for? Her or your vanity? This is not a great basis for a loving relationship - especially one involving sex.

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